Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Information Guide
Your Photo Shoot

1. General Information Guide
Your Photo Shoot

How do I request a booking?

Anyone who pays for my time will receive my full attention, so to avoid disrupting photoshoots I manage all bookings via the online booking system available on this website, or messaging through Facebook/Instagram, Whatsapp, or email at [email protected].

Cancellation Policy

People get ill, unexpected things happen, plans and circumstances change. You can cancel or reschedule if necessary, but the sooner you can tell me the better ~ I usually have a waiting list of people who can fill the time if you find yourself unable to attend.


All prices are as listed. I don't charge VAT or ask for a deposit except for studio booking fees, where the balance is payable after you have seen your photos.I accept direct bank transfer (ask for details), or credit/debit card via this website.PayPal via [email protected]Any current discounts or special offers will be highlighted on this website and on social media, which will include a discount voucher code.

Notes on retouching

Any obvious temporary blemishes are removed, and corrections to the colour or tone of the general image may sometimes be necessary. There will be no body shape modifications. Skin tones may vary according to available light sources during shooting.Creative artistry images normally require additional skin smoothing and other subtle modifications to achieve the effect.

2. Dance
Suitable for solo & duo dancers.

3. Workshops
Workshops are a way to share my studio and event photography opportunities with students, to provide practical experience outside of the classroom.

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